Direct From Bret Yamaha Guitar Used on Tour

This beautiful Yamaha has been well loved, having been used on several tours including the Open Up and Say Ahh tour.  This guitar is in great condition however it has been used on the road and does come complete with minor scaring near the sound hold from Bret’s bracelets.  Prior to his deal with Dean in which he created his own signature line of guitars, Bret has had deals with Fender, Gibson and possibly most famously Yamaha, which saw the creation of his iconic Every Rose Guitar.

Items in this collection are from the home of Bret Michaels and are being sold as-is. These items include one-of-a-kind and/or items that have been selectively curated for his home. Select items cannot be shipped internationally.  A portion of the proceeds from this auction benefit the Life Rocks Foundation.

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