Handcrafted Rustic Mennonite Spindle Bench

Rustic Mennonite Spindle Bench as seen in this photo from Bret’s home. Hand crafted by local artisans this item was curated specifically for Bret’s Arizona Estate. This style of bench ranges in price from $800 to over $1500. This bench has the look and character of a rustic antique from Spanish colonial times. Enhanced by the age-old grain, hand stained and weathered. This bench can be seen in numerous photos from Bret’s property appearing in Magazines such as People and In Touch, in imagery from his highly successful campaigns with PetSmart & Overstock as well as in numerous television shows such as the record Breaking Bret Michaels Life As I Know It, Celebrity House Hunters and Rock and Roll Road Trip with Sammy Hagar.

Items in this collection are from the home of Bret Michaels and are being sold as-is. These items include one-of-a-kind and custom items that have been selectively curated for his home and have appeared in numerous publications and in television programs filmed on location at the home. Select items cannot be shipped internationally.

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